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Mary Gross, Partner

Mary has worked in the non- and for-profit marketing/technology field for the last 30+ years. She works with clients to develop strategies/plans as well as manage the teams to execute the plans. Client strategies involve digital and social media campaigns and website development – all focused on a measurable return on investment. Mary’s passion for nonprofits and their missions has followed her through her professional and private life.

Christina Findley, Partner

Christina loves to connect the dots in business marketing and delivering incredible results. Working inside traditional and digital marketing agencies for more than 18 years, she has had the chance to follow her passions.  As a classically trained opera singer, she sees people’s passion are like notes in a song. Notes intertwine and the music builds.  Strategy. Puzzle pieces. When the pieces come together, it’s a crescendo.

Caleb Quintana, Ad Manager

Caleb comes to AMN with a strong background in digital, focusing heavily on social media marketing, paid search and programmatic advertising. Previously, Caleb has held leadership positions at ad agencies of all sizes and worked with brands including AT&T, McDonald’s, Home Depot & Campbell’s. He is particularly interested in cross-channel marketing and learning how each channel adds to an overarching strategy. He graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Advertising. utside of the agency walls, Caleb loves to cook, travel and hang out with his fiance and Border Collie, who’s consistently a bad dog.

Travis Gomillion, Ad Manager

Using a strong background in programming and IT consulting, Travis brings a strong technical background to the team. His work is focused on ad account management, systems integration and data analysis. Travis enjoys focusing on ways to enhance technological interactions on the various advertising platforms by leveraging his experience as an IT expert.

Steven Tiritilli, SEO Manager

Steven Tiritilli is well-versed in marketing strategies and skilled in SEO and PPC with associated Google Certification. Working both inside or freelancing with agencies, he has acquired extensive experience in communications and executive development to provide transparent reporting, team-oriented strategies and the best results. He is passionate about working with businesses organizations and providing the opportunity to meet their goals and objectives.

Heidi Holmes, Operations

Heidi has worked inside small business for more than 15 years, including digital marketing companies. Her operational skills include bookkeeping and B Corp Certification and others. She has a passion for creating compassion within the workplace and has taken the Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) course and the Science and Practice of Purpose course through Stanford University and is currently enrolled in the Inner MBA course through Mindful NYU.
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