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A Silver Lining: Online Nonprofit Revenue up 32% During Pandemic

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. (No explanation necessary.)

But if you’re looking for positive light in a year of doom and gloom, the nonprofit world stepped up to the plate. Big time.

The pandemic spurred a wave of giving that shows us a brighter future is right around the corner. And figures coming out of the M + R Benchmarks 2021 report highlight several opportunities for nonprofits seeking to increase revenue and leverage online channels for fundraising.

In this post, we’ll look at a few of the most relevant numbers, discuss what they mean, and circle back to talk about how a Google Grant is key to turning this data into real dollars for your organization.

Newcomers to giving boosted revenues

It’s not a huge surprise to see a total increase of 32% across all online nonprofit revenues. In times of crisis, those with means tend to step up to the plate.

What’s more interesting is that the average donor gave slightly fewer gifts (2.03) and a lower total contribution ($167) compared to 2019. Which means typical donors weren’t giving more, but instead, more new people were choosing to donate.

Second time’s the charm


Another interesting statistic to look at for 2020 is the donor retention rate. Specifically, the likelihood of successfully asking a donor from the previous year to make another online gift.

Overall, 41% of those who donated online in 2019, did so again in 2020. While long-term donors were retained at a rate (63%) almost 3x new online donors (25%), retaining ¼ of new givers shows real value in bringing new donors into your fundraising funnel.

25% rise in monthly donations


Nothing stabilizes your cash flow and makes budgeting easier than signing up donors for regular monthly gifts.

More good news. Monthly donations rose 25% in 2020 compared to 2019, which means monthly giving accounted for 19% of all total online revenue.

Leverage online fundraising growth through advertising

Putting the pieces together, it’s easy to see how the future of online fundraising for nonprofits looks promising.

  • More new people are signing up to give
  • More new and historical donors are being retained
  • More donors are agreeing to regular monthly donations

So how can your organization get in on this trend?



Organic traffic and strategies simply aren’t enough. Advertising is the only way to quickly drive significant new traffic and opportunities to your website.

Now more than ever, getting, maintaining, and maximizing your Google Grant, is an important step in getting your mission in front of new eyeballs.

Call Advertise My Nonprofit today to discuss your Google Grant strategy with a Google Grant specialist. Don’t let the recent rise in online giving pass your organization by.

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