4 Vital Goals to Set for Your Google Ad Grant

Setting specific goals for your Google Grant is an important step that guides your nonprofit to make the most of its digital marketing campaign.

Driving traffic to your website is great – but it’s what you do next that truly drives home the results.

Here are four must-have Google Grant goals and some ideas on how your organization can make changes internally to ensure overall success.

Grow your email list

Leveraging increased traffic to build your nonprofit’s email list is important because it gives you a larger audience to speak to for future communications – and email marketing is exceptionally cost-effective when sending newsletters out to your own database of contacts.

Some of the common tactics for capturing email addresses when users land on your page include:

  • Include an input box on your landing page: Make it easy to see and offer users a concrete benefit for signing up for your newsletter, even if it’s something as simple as receiving special news and updates before the general public.
  • Consider a popup: Popups can be annoying but the numbers don’t lie. They work. Instead of placing the popup as soon as a user lands, it’s possible to trigger the popup after they’ve finished reading the page.
  • Insert a subscribe box triggered by scrolling: In lieu of a fixed input box, you can slide in a dedicated subscribe box over the top of your page in the bottom corner that is generated when a user scrolls down the page.
  • Sticky top bar: A bright, easy-to-see subscribe box that stays at the top of the page while content scrolls below is a great way to keep your CTA in view at all times without disrupting the user experience.
  • Add a welcoming home gate: A home gate is just what it sounds like. A gate a user must go through to get to the homepage of your website. Often home to a big beautiful picture, an inviting message and a choice of two options, “Sign up now!” or “Go to the homepage.”

And there are plenty of other strategies, too, but the gist is all the same. To get a user’s email address, you need ask for it.

Send traffic to a relevant landing page

Nothing screams We don’t know how to optimize our Google Grant quite like an ad campaign that sends all traffic to the same page. The homepage.

Creating non-generic, specific content catered to each set of keywords you’re targeting is an absolute must for a truly successful Google Grant campaign.

You don’t need a separate landing page for every single keyword but you absolutely need enough landing pages to choose from to ensure that every user who clicks on an ad is directed to content relevant to the ad they responded to.

If a user clicks on an ad about volunteering, they need to be sent to a landing page about volunteering, not donating.

If a user clicks on an ad about a special event, they need to be sent to a landing page about that specific special event, not the general about us page for your organization.

Drive results with effective CTAs

If you want visitors to your website to do something, you need to tell them exactly what you want them to do.

No beating around the bush. No presuming they know how they can help. No vague cues.

A clear cut, straight-forward CALL TO ACTION.

An effective CTA:

  • is short and concise
  • is specific and not generic
  • begins with a strong action verb
  • incites emotion or enthusiasm
  • gives a reason why the reader should act

Converting click throughs from Google Ads is all about planning each visitor’s experience on your page. Grab their attention, create an emotional engagement, tell them in plain English what they can do to help.

Build strong relationships

A one-off donation is great – and it’s certainly a fantastic reward for a successful Google Ad – but taking your Google Grant to the next level means building a network of people who will support your cause for years to go.

You must have a plan in place for how you will start building relationships with newcomers to your organization. How will you promote ongoing two-way communication? How will you get people invested and involved?

It’s easy to pique someone’s curiosity and pluck their heart strings for a donation, but how will you keep them interested and engaged over the long haul? This is a question you need to answer to get maximum results from your Google Grant.

Expert help at the ready

The team at Advertise My Nonprofit don’t just have the chops to optimize your Google Ads campaign for maximum traffic to your page – we’ve got the experience and knowhow to maximize digital marketing efficiency across the board, to get all the pieces of your online strategy working in unison.

Call today for a consultation.

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